TIDELOG© is a graphic almanac based on official National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (“NOAA”) and United States Naval Observatory (“USNO”) tide, current, and astronomical predictions specific to each geographical area. These areas are graphed to give you a visual picture of each day’s conditions… at a glance!

Tidelog’s graphics make it hard to go wrong. This is why Tidelog is favored not only among recreational boaters, but also by commercial, scientific and industrial users. Repeat customers include many of the big names in shipping, tugboat, piloting, engineering, construction, flood control, pollution control, aquaculture, police, harbormaster and other maritime professions.

TIDELOG is more than just another tidechart!

  • Based on official NOAA and USNO predictions
  • Teaches without words, quick at a glance view
  • Favored by commercial, scientific and industrial users
  • Built to last, tough and water resistant
  • Minimizes mistakes, easy to interpret
  • Custom imprint options available

We’re more than just a tide chart.  See why

Tidebooks provide the numbers…

Tidelog brings the numbers to life!