Long Island Sound Tidelog




Including Long Island’s North Shore from Willets Point to Orient Point and the New York/Connecticut shore from Throgs Neck to Old Saybrook.

Daily Tidelog Graphics are based on NOAA predictions for Bridgeport, CT with times and heights for Bridgeport and Kings Point, NY. Time and strength of maximum currents and times of slack water are shown daily at The Race and Throgs Neck Bridge. Included at the back of the Tidelog are tide tables for New London, CT.

2 and 3 Year Subscriptions: for advance purchase of subscriptions, the Tidelogs will be sent annually.  For example, should you purchase a 2 Year subscription for 2024 and 2025, the 2024 Tidelog would be sent in mid-October/early November of 2023 and the 2025 Tidelog would be sent in mid-October/early November of 2024.

For previous year’s editions of the Tidelog, please contact us directly at 912.472.4373 to order, there are limited quantities available in our warehouse.

To order imprinting on your Tidelog, please give us a call at 912.472.4373 to place your order. Thanks!