TIDELOG© Graphic Almanacs are based on the official National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (“NOAA”) and United States Naval Observatory (“USNO”) predictions specific to each geographical area and are graphed to give you a visual picture of each day’s conditions… at a glance! No guessing.

Tidelog’s graphics make it hard to go wrong. This is why Tidelog is favored not only among recreational boaters, but also by commercial, scientific and industrial users.


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Tidelog eliminates the guesswork.

Bring the numbers to life:

Tidelogs are drawn from NOAA predictions to give you a visual picture of each day’s conditions… in a quick, easy-to-read glance!

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More than just a tidechart:

Tides and currents are presented in the context of the sun and moon, helping you make real-world assessments of the condition’s you’ll face. 

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Custom Imprinting:

Imprint Tidelogs with your business name or logo so your customers will have your information at their fingertips year round.

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Accurate and trusted:

With access to NOAA’s latest cartographic changes, our charts are  printed with the most accurate and relevant up to date information!

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